while searching for windows mobile 5 slow .net 2.0 cf sql mobile

Interesting Rant on Windows Mobile 5 and Microsoft Mobile division in general: http://blogs.msmobiles.com/mobilephonefan/?p=2212

Raises some good points;

  • Microsoft's push email in reality is a continuous poll solution
  • all Pocket PC phones with processor TI OMAP 195MHz (200 MHz) are piece of junk (this is doubly so in NZ as we don't even have the comms to use the 3G functionality of most of these)
  • no intergration to Xbox
Tho there are quite a few there I wou disagre with:
  • HTC has secret agreement with HP not to produce Windows Mobile phones with single-handed QWERTY keyboard
  • built-in cameras in all Windows Mobile phones are piece of junk


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