mmm apples.

With all the talk about Vista usability learning curve and people switching to macs. This was interesting Live from WWDC 2006: Steve Jobs keynote Some great thing there, I loved the Web Clip feature. I would like to have Air New Zealand flight specials cut and pasted into my sidebar.
This would be a whole lot easier than:
  • decompiling the flash (swf) file
  • finding the XML data store behind it
  • converting this into an RSS feed
  • adding it to my RSS reader somebody elses RSS reader (because I wouldn't do this because it would violate the terms of the Air NZ Website).
oh Timemachine and Spaces also sound like usefull features, man its almost like they make mac's for actual people. My Dad got a portable HD for $139 (quickly followed by me when I saw how neat it was) everyone I know has been asking about getting them for backing up. Because it must suck to be my flatmate, her laptop got stolen last month, (yoink) there goes all her photos and music from the last 5 years :(


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