Windows Live as a homepage?

Adding My 2cents to the latest .NET NZ disscussion
This whole customised home page thing I just find wierd. It reminds me of the days of free dial up where it was paid for because your homepage would show advertising.

Why I do not use live as my homepage?
Because when I log on to my computer it automatically loads firefox with the last open tabs. This stays open the whole time I am using my computer. Of the last tabs loaded there are about 4 that are always there, which contain the information that I would put into a live/googlehome page. That is my blog feeds (mmm bloglines) meebo(online MSN/GTalk/ICQ) my blog(just cause) and a page showing the NZ/GBP exchange rates in graph form over the last day, month, year and decade. I tried creating the exchange data as a widget but the only raw data I could get to was the current rate (Why reinvent the wheel?).
Using preset tabs in firefox did what I wanted with the least amount of hassle for me. End of Disscussion.

An a simialar vein I agree with JD "people realised that portals weren’t the best idea in the late 90’s. Just because I can personalise it now doesn’t make me want to use it anymore than I did then." This whole idea of personalisation of webcontent is a pain. Unless its automated! Now I have to jump through hoops of fire with pits of spikes underneath just to setup the page to display the information I want to see. Which Is probably the same information that 75% of the visitors to this site want to seee anyway. I'm looking at you "My Learning".


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