Man is making some great robots theses days. I like the idea of making them only 50am high. It must cost a whole lt less, and when they turn evil and attack, you can just pick them up and throw them against a wall.

Robot Videos:
Jumping, Running Robot

are they arms or legs robot


Rendering a Crusie liner in 720 hours


Kevin Hulsey creates a cruise liner from scratch in 720 hours using illustrator and photoshop! This is just crazy, printed out at asize where you can view the detail accuratly it would be 12 feet high!


Michael Crichton breaks the Law


I find patent law soo funny, in the IT industry people have patents on hyperlinks, dockable windows, just about everything... so it's mostly ignored.
However when there are silly patents in the real world, its not quite so funny.
This article in the NY Times highlights a current case that would be obsurd, if it wasn't so depressing.


Biodegradeable plastic?

Wiicked. I've only just recently discovered potato plates, but now there is clear plastic looking resealable containers, That can break down! well I suppose there not really plastic, but some corn resin thing. Still very cool.

I wonder if they will taste as good as the potato plates?



A while ago I found Pandora which streams you music over the net based on words you enter/song you pick. great way to find music you might not know but you might like.

Now I found Musicip. Same sorta thing except on music on your own computer. Great for at work where we have 15Gb of music. I selected Minuit (of course) and now am listening to Boom Bip, Vibrasphere and Anika Moa. Two of those I've never even heard of before let alone listened to :)


Finally a phone for my folks

Any one else got parents who have trouble reading their call phones? specially if they don't have their glasses?

Well I've seen a few phones that claim to have easy to read text and big buttons, and I suppose compared to most phones they do. But this one , from samsung (seen at CeBit) actually has large buttons and large text, and is supposedly simple to use. About time (when it actually makes it to market).


TGIFJust a little web update :)

PPC's getting closer to perfect devices, with this. (An Intel PXA270 624MHz CPU, an Intel 2700G3 GPU with VGA-out support, 512MB RAM, 512MB ROM, an 8GB integrated micro-drive, quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE support, 802.11b Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0, GPS, IrDA, USB On-The-Go (OTG), dual displays (2.8" QVGA TFT and 3.5" QVGA TFT), dual cameras (both 2.0-megapixel), biometric support, a QWERTY keyboard, a microSD slot, and Windows Mobile 5.0.) WOW.

Interesting news article on tech in India sounds like the US may have a fight on its hands in a few years to come.


Hurry up and GO!

Well I now have tickets :) (Tickets? I love tickets!)

$2000NZ got me:Flying Malaysia Air
Staying in KL for 4 nights, Vietnam for 25 days!!
When do I leave? check the countdown, on right (sorry no RSS).

Found a travel blog website click on a continent, country or city to view peoples posts from there. Really great to get names of good hotels or trips. Yeah most of the posts are ignorant, arrogant americans but you can easily skip those. I wonder how long till hotels n stuff start fake blogs on this for free advertising?? I wonder if that "how long?" is a negative amount? I wonder if I could get payed for fake bloggin? hmm?


It's been a while

No posts for a while. been really busy. Working on normal pda stuff, not really cool pda stuff :(

But I've been reading about some inovative ideas in handhelds kinda, like this on using a handheld touch screen device one handed. This is cool, I think the more devices get out there the more people will realise a stylus is not a good UI mechanism.

Or this on multipoint touch screens, this is definately the coolest demo I have seen theis year. I think the possibilities are shown in the video. Photo management, Live DJing VJing etc. I wish i was working on stuff like that. but not quite enough to actually go back into education.