Google Maps Test

Those that actually visit my site (rather than using RSS) may have noticed a google map on the side, well heres a test post explaining that:

"Yeah so I was thinkin it would be cool if I could add a google map to my blog and get my friends in the UK to add their locations as POI's this would enable me to see the nearest couches to crash on when I get there :) So this is a test post to see if I can get google maps going..."

Well its displaying, except for the fact It thinks im in the ocean beside brazil?? anyway, I will work on that a bit more when I have time.


Google Video

Can some please explain to me how google video is legal? doesn't it infringe on copyright? is google big enough to take on the industries?

I love watching things like top gear or family guy (alot of the family guy doesn't seem to be there any more?).

Today I tried watching some of the olympics and got this:

"This video is not playable in your county" ??? oh well.

It may take two to tango but...

Thanks Savage Chickens for brightening my day :)


Ah Long weekends

Well Waitangi weekend is over so I'm back from Great Barrier Island. This was the view from the deck where we stayed. Thanks so much to Kelly's Dad for taking us fishing and getting crayfish and scollops for us to eat. :)

Anyway, not much happening Mobile wise, apart from HP releasing an update to WM for the 4700, I really wonder where all the AKU2.0 devices are at??

Since, I've posted one photo I feel like posting another, this one from the Davinci Exhibit at the Auckland museum. Found this interesting blog post about a suppposeded encrypted suicide note, I wonder if it will turn out to be spam??

Still trying to plan my OE, thoughts at the moment are going to Kuala Lumpur for a few days then on to south central Vietnam for 3 weeks then on to London. Can't find many cheap flights to help me do this, might have to go to Singapore instead of KL :(


Death by risk aversion

Although I think Scobleizer has far too many posts for any man to make and still remain sane, I alway find interesting links.

Like this one by Kathy Sierra, on Death by risk aversion.
"Risk-aversion is the single biggest innovation killer, and of course it's not just Microsoft that's been infected. Taking risks is... risky. But if not taking risks is even riskier, then WTF?"

In the fast moving IT world those not taking risks stagnate and die.

could someone combine these devices please.

I would like the features of this device (i-mate PDA-N) :
-300Mhz processor

Combined with phone edition features like this (i-mate JAMin):
-Quad band
-128MB ROM

All in that lovely JAM size form factor.

OK maybe I would like UMTS instead of EDGE, but I will be out of NZ soon enough...