outside bennie (more music)

well there seems to be more and more outside bennie posts on the inside bennie blog. hmm, oh well.

Turns out Minuit think they are playing at the Auckland Zoo on Feb 4th even thou the zoo thinks Nesian Mystic are playing... hmm super secret gigs are the best! (like that time I saw PJ Harvey at the Dogs Bollix[live recording 2.3Mb]).
Except thats the same weekend as soundsplash and I will be on great barrier that whole weekend anyway. oh well. Speaking of the zoo, gotta get Katchafire tickets

More Minuit news (can you tell who my favourite band is?).
They are playing at LittleWeed :) now that will be cool! I tried to go to LittleWeed last year but ended up going to Melbourne instead (can't complain).

UPDATE: I've just worked it out, on Ticketek you can see the support acts. Nesian Mystik are playing with Minuit and King Kapisi. WOW that will be an awsome gig. damn Great barrier better be fun :)


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