Installing SQL CE 2.0 or SQL Mobile onto the storage card

Great 'how to' on installing SQL CE 2.0 or SQL Mobile onto the storage card instead of the RAM :)

I'm going to have a play with this, as it might mean the mobile apps I've created will only need to be reinstalled with a single cab for the shortcuts and the whole application can reside on SD. Of cause this isn't nessecary if you have a WM5.0 device with permanent storage, and if asks you where to install the cab when you run it. But we can't all be futuristic enough to have WM5.0 devices, especially as there is STILL NO PUSH EMAIL!!

On the topic of WM5.0 has anyone notied that all the devices are coming out with ROM updates that aren't the AKU 2.0. This strikes me as really odd, I mean if AKU2.0 is coming out at the end of this month [cough, cough] then why would they release these patches?


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