I'm baack

Well, its been a great holiday (waiheke and Corromandel). Might post some photos later on.

Any way quite a lot has been happening while I was away things are looking great for the future of mobile:
tiny NZ made GPS chips
tiny vga screens
rollable displays

Works been real fun to get back into after the break, been working on a prototype application using an Intermec CN30, may post a review later.

Yay windows mobile 5.0 is fun.
While still using VS2003 and CF1.1 :( but that mainly cause I didn't have tme to install 2005. Must get around to that soon. There is this annoying issue with activesync 4.1 and vs2003 where it doesn't deploy if you disconnect the device and reconnect when you IDE is still open, grrr. I remember reading a fix for it somewhere about a month ago, but can't find that now :(

Features of WM5.0 i like so far:
-Cab installs will uninstall previous versions before installing
-If you only have two menu items they are spaced on either side of the menu bar and are supposed to work off hotkeys (the CN30 doesn't have said hotkeys). But it still looks cool.


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