Egyptian Queen Unearthed

Wow, http://www.scienceblog.com/cms/ is a really interesting blog. Among the many wonders and treats I found today was this:
'A Johns Hopkins University archaeological expedition in Luxor, Egypt, has unearthed a life-sized statue, dating back nearly 3,400 years, of one of the queens of the powerful king Amenhotep III.'

View the archaeological teams website here:

Now I'm not one to keep up to date often on archaeological news, but this is what I love about RSS, It doesn't take much effort, you can subsribe to a multitude of blogs, and you find some truely interesting stuff.

So what your off topic link for the day?


USB to USB mini on a keychain

oh oh. Charging my phone/camera/mp3Player by connecting them to my computer just got a whole lot easier. As long as I don't forget my keys. (OK my camera has tiny USB not mini, but I wish it did). http://usb.brando.com.hk/mini5pinkeychain.php


MSDN connection

My new MSDN Connection has arrived, yay.

I'm only a silver member tho (have to speak at a .NET user group soon).

are you registered yet?


Inside Bennie Dam It Inside!

This review of the Treo 700 (Windows Mobile Palm), makes it sound really good, Palm have the experience in mobile to know what the customer wants, and from the sounds of it have produced a remarkably decent device. Can't wait to try one out myself.

A real aquarium that looks like a screen displaying an aquarium?

outside bennie (more music)

well there seems to be more and more outside bennie posts on the inside bennie blog. hmm, oh well.

Turns out Minuit think they are playing at the Auckland Zoo on Feb 4th even thou the zoo thinks Nesian Mystic are playing... hmm super secret gigs are the best! (like that time I saw PJ Harvey at the Dogs Bollix[live recording 2.3Mb]).
Except thats the same weekend as soundsplash and I will be on great barrier that whole weekend anyway. oh well. Speaking of the zoo, gotta get Katchafire tickets

More Minuit news (can you tell who my favourite band is?).
They are playing at LittleWeed :) now that will be cool! I tried to go to LittleWeed last year but ended up going to Melbourne instead (can't complain).

UPDATE: I've just worked it out, on Ticketek you can see the support acts. Nesian Mystik are playing with Minuit and King Kapisi. WOW that will be an awsome gig. damn Great barrier better be fun :)

outside bennie

Well It was a great summer break / xmas holiday.

To those overseas... you're missing out. So here's my summer montage!

summer holiday 05/06
click image for bigger view

-Under the kiwifruit trees at Purangi
-Music in Myers park
-Ladies bay
-Cooks beach for New Years
-Xmas on Waiheke

Opera browser for WM5.0

well and for PPC 2003 but thats not as exciting :)

Opera Browser 8.5 has been released in Beta for Windows Mobile
  • Open URL with auto-complete
  • Zoom
  • Download
  • Multiple Windows
  • Navigation and history
  • Bookmarks
  • Landscape/Portrait Mode
  • Full screen/ Fit to screen
  • Pop-up handler
  • Pad-lock icon on secure sites
  • User preferences
  • Context menu

Unfortunatley it's not for Smartphone 2003 (my current phone is an i-mate sp3).


link for jo

If you're not jo. ignore this post, unless you want to learn how to play WMA files on an apple.

Jo as I don't have you email address and I would forget this otherwise,
Russell Brown has a good post ("Oh my GOD it Russell Crowe! Brown!") on some appley stuff to get it going: http://www.publicaddress.net/default,2847.sm#post2847

I love finding things on msdn

Sometimes when looking for something you know is there, it can be damn near impossible to find.
Other times you just stumble across reams of useful information...
Like this list of Windows Mobile devloper web casts, scroll down for the prerecorded on demand ones :)

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Programmers

Great article on development.
Applies not only to programmers but anyone doing programming or working with programmers.

Quotes I especially like:
"One requirement for being an effective software engineer is to be taken seriously. You need to have the respect of your peers and managers, at least for your technical capabilities, to have control over your own work and influence over others. "

"People always talk about "optimization", but that isn't really a correct word. We're rarely shooting for the optimum - instead, we make improvements and tradeoffs to achieve good-enough performance."

Thanks to Craig Pringle for the link :)


Installing SQL CE 2.0 or SQL Mobile onto the storage card

Great 'how to' on installing SQL CE 2.0 or SQL Mobile onto the storage card instead of the RAM :)

I'm going to have a play with this, as it might mean the mobile apps I've created will only need to be reinstalled with a single cab for the shortcuts and the whole application can reside on SD. Of cause this isn't nessecary if you have a WM5.0 device with permanent storage, and if asks you where to install the cab when you run it. But we can't all be futuristic enough to have WM5.0 devices, especially as there is STILL NO PUSH EMAIL!!

On the topic of WM5.0 has anyone notied that all the devices are coming out with ROM updates that aren't the AKU 2.0. This strikes me as really odd, I mean if AKU2.0 is coming out at the end of this month [cough, cough] then why would they release these patches?


devices, devices, devices, yum.

A Windows Mobile Smartphone with a 4Gb harddrive yes please :)

An HP device not made by HP or HTC??... OK

Oh and a nice msdn compact framework developers blog thrown in for fun :)


Exchage Rate NZD to Pounds

This is just for me to quickly access exchage rate from my phone.

Am intending on going to england in august and want to start changing savings at optimal times.

Motor Geeks?

Dunno if anyone reading this likes fast cars as much as me. But I found this really quite interesting:
Channel 9 show on the technology of an indy car race team.

After walking through the pits of the RedBull F1 team I have to say 1/2 the pits was cubicles filled with geeks on laptops, hmm I really wonder what they do... surely I could do it too. Perhaps I will try to find out before I head on my OE ?

year of the PPC Phone Edition?

Upcoming PPCphones
Pocket Loox T800
Symbol MC9097 and MC70
Samsung SCH-i830

Looks like I might have to retract some statements about the HP6515 now it seems lots of devices are coming out with square screens :(

Jason Langridge points out an upcoming webcast on Connecting to the Enterprise with Windows Mobile Will watch about a week after it happens as I never seem to see these live.


outside bennie

Lots of good music coming up this summer.
Splore is the only ticket I have so far but on my definate list are (in time order):

Katchafire at Auckland Zoo (Sunday 29 January)
splore (17-19 February)
Minuit at Summer Series (Sunday 26 February)

More Music for the summer:

Auckland Zoo:
Saturday 21 January 6pm Boh Runga
Sunday 29 January 6pm Katchafire
Saturday 4 February 6pm Nesian Mystik
Saturday 11 February 6pm Pluto
Friday 17 February 6pm The Black Seeds
Saturday 25 February 6pm Don McGlashan and the Seven Sisters
Sunday 5 March 6pm Che Fu

BFM Summer Series:
Sunday, 29 January 2006
The 95bFM Summer Series at Albert Park w/ Frontline, Ryan McPhun & The Ruby Suns, North Shore Pony Club, Sola Rosa, The Hot Grits, Connan & the Mockasins, Dunc Tha Funk and DJ Exile

Sunday, 26 February 2006
The 95bFM Summer Series number 2 at Albert Park w/ Open Souls, Module (live band), The Chandeliers, Minuit, Cassette, Cornerstone Roots, Timmy Schumacher & MC Kyla, Tourettes & Michael Pipes, DJ Dubhead and DJ Exile

Soundsplash Reggae Festival:
Saturday, 4 February 2006
Soundsplash Reggae Festival at Raglan Tickets from Ticketmaster outlets & Real Groovy w/ Third World, Big Youth, DJ Earl Gateshead, Salmonella Dub, Katchafire, Rhombus, Cornerstone Roots, Kora, Ladi 6, The Open Souls, Batucada Sound Machine, bFM DJs and more

February 6, Waitangi day 2006
The BlackSeeds, Cornerstone roots, Sounds Almighty.

17-19 February
TALIB KWELI, Hexstatic, THE CUBAN BROTHERS (UK), FAT FREDDY'S DROP, THE NEXTMEN (UK), Fort Knox 5, PITCH BLACK, SOLA ROSA, KORA, Hollie Smith, MODULE, Spikey Tee, RHIAN SHEEHAN, Whirimako Black and Russel Walder, Ladi6

Music in the Parks
Sunday 19 February 2006
Three Kings Reserve
Australia's Thirsty Merc, The Feelers who are back by popular demand, ElemenoP fresh from their summer tour with Steriogram and Deja Voodoo, and some serious rock 'n' roll from Pluto

Friday, 24 February 2006
Katchafire, Kora and DJ Dubhead at AUT Quad 8:00 PM


I'm baack

Well, its been a great holiday (waiheke and Corromandel). Might post some photos later on.

Any way quite a lot has been happening while I was away things are looking great for the future of mobile:
tiny NZ made GPS chips
tiny vga screens
rollable displays

Works been real fun to get back into after the break, been working on a prototype application using an Intermec CN30, may post a review later.

Yay windows mobile 5.0 is fun.
While still using VS2003 and CF1.1 :( but that mainly cause I didn't have tme to install 2005. Must get around to that soon. There is this annoying issue with activesync 4.1 and vs2003 where it doesn't deploy if you disconnect the device and reconnect when you IDE is still open, grrr. I remember reading a fix for it somewhere about a month ago, but can't find that now :(

Features of WM5.0 i like so far:
-Cab installs will uninstall previous versions before installing
-If you only have two menu items they are spaced on either side of the menu bar and are supposed to work off hotkeys (the CN30 doesn't have said hotkeys). But it still looks cool.