Telecom may finally start catching up

Motorola Q, Windows Mobile 5.0 phone edition to be released in US.

It’s going to be CDMA and EV-DO, which I assume means Telecom NZ is going to start reselling these as competition to the HP6515, which looks very similar but has GPS.

Ok so they both look like Blackberrys, so what! At least they aren’t going to have to fork over arse loads of cash or stop offering push email capability:

OK OK so the Microsoft platform isn’t able to push email YET anyway:

Yeah yeah even when it is released and functional it wont actually be push email:

Man that’s interesting the end of this post has absolutely nothing to do with the subject. Oh well, I’ll have to think ahead a bit next time. Or just stop ranting. Or even just hit the freakin send button (as this post was supposed to be a test for email posting, I wonder If I can HTML format my links when posting email?).


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