Future of Windows Mobile

brief post with no real information here.

It mentions an updated WM5.0 in early 2006, I assume this is WM5.0 with the stuff to do push email (AKU 2.0). Which isn't actually push email, as I said earlier.
I'm really worried about this as in some countries Mobile data is charged per minute. "Push Email" will really surprise people on plans like this as MS version of "Push Email" is just a pull with a really long time out so if they go three days without recieving or sending any email they will still end up being charged for mobile usage!!

Oh, the post also mentions Photon the next WM OS. Which supposedly finally integrates Smartphone and PPC OS's. Just like WM5 was hyped to do.

ps. I'm not anti-MS It's just this "push email" thing that really gets to me.


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