Seagate Buy Maxtor

First Adobe Buys Macromedia
Now Seagate Buys Maxtor

What next Google buys AOL? wait a minute.


Oh My god it's arrived!

(well arrived in Taiwan) First Windows Mobile device with AKU 2!!!!!!

the Gigabyte G-Smart http://blogs.msdn.com/jasonlan/archive/2005/12/19/505653.aspx

AKU 2 contains the Messaging and Security Feature Pack for Windows Mobile 5 which provides the 'Direct Push' email capability.

Now we just need HTC and HP to follow suit.....

View the stars online

I have been looking for something like this for ages:

Basically you can set where you are and what the date is and it will show you the sky. Seems to only be stars not planets?

ps. New Zealand is Lat/Lon: -34/172

Say NO to battery farming pigs.

When I was in the South Island I heard that battery farming pigs was going to become illegal by the end of 2006, with chickens following in 2008. I certainly hope that’s true.

In the mean time dont eat Premier Bacon, anti-premier site here

Hopefully they dont have to lose their domain name because that’s funny. And http://www.whitehouse.org/ dont have to.

Oh, on a similar note, when I went to the supermarket on the weekend the eggs were split into two big shelves. With a sign on one shelf saying These eggs come from battery farmed hens and one saying These eggs DO NOT come from battery hens and a sign in the middle saying If you do not like battery farming, do not by battery farmed eggs!! Nice one New World Vic Park J

Why Upgrade to Version 2.0 of the .Net Compact Framework?

Steven Pratschner from the .NET CF Team provides a good post on actual improvements you will se when running .NET CF 2.0.

I especially like:

new capabilities include application tracing and logging, a new set of performance monitoring tools and the facilities to help developers accurately pinpoint errors in their code



Mobile News

Wow. I work in the mobile space every day and try to stay on top of all the news, so I am embarrassed this one slipped past me.
"In April, at the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference, Gates announced that he was considering pushing a potential rival portable computing platform into the market called Ultra Mobile 2007." more info found at the bottom of a tabletPC article here

while were on random quirky ideas for the future a device with XP and WM5? that just odd.

The HP65xx

You know the device that decided it would make use of the fact 2003se lets you have a square screen.

Now I've had a play with this device on and off at different shows (we had one kicking around the office for a while as well), and the thing I noticed...

Not one freaking app handled the square screen nicely and this about sums it up:

Want to download sudoku for your ppc? which version would you like? the version made for PPC/WM OR the version for HP65xx?

This is silly.

What about my companies apps? well I think you would have to ask the marketing manager for the appropriate answer there...

Windows Mobile Legal Action

"So.. the day couldn't get much worse for Microsoft and RIM could it ? Well.. you'd think not, until Visto announced Japan’s First “True Push” Wireless Email service on Vodafone. Doh, doh and indeed... doh.
Visto are also marketing "ConstantSync" which gives.. err.. real-time push based email for Windows Mobile 5.0 devices... DOAH! ""

Read full article here

Battle for AOL

Yeah I just stole the link off scobleizer but it's damn funny: AOL battle explained south park style

flickr and photo sharing

As Rod pointed out on his blog and as I discovered when setting up a account for a friend.

Flickr is now owned by Yahoo, so you need a Yahoo account before you can setup a flickr account. I think this bites. But I am unsure why? Yes yahoo are big. Yes they are probably evil. But what do you lose? or they gain by you having a yahoo account?

I know Im late jumping on the bandwagon, but I used Textamerica for my photo blog (www.southisland.textamerica.com) I found that service great J


MS getting sued for Push Email

Ok it is funny when NTP sues Blackberry for it’s push email service.

But now Visto are suing MS for their push email. (what me have double standards, that’s unpossnible).


Rumours are that this is why push email is being delayed.


My Favourite Gaping Void Cartoon :)
Not only can Hugh draw funny cartoons, he's also the only blogvertising consultant I know (and therefore the best).

It's still available on a T-Shirt if anyone wants to get me an xmas present :)

Future of Windows Mobile

brief post with no real information here.

It mentions an updated WM5.0 in early 2006, I assume this is WM5.0 with the stuff to do push email (AKU 2.0). Which isn't actually push email, as I said earlier.
I'm really worried about this as in some countries Mobile data is charged per minute. "Push Email" will really surprise people on plans like this as MS version of "Push Email" is just a pull with a really long time out so if they go three days without recieving or sending any email they will still end up being charged for mobile usage!!

Oh, the post also mentions Photon the next WM OS. Which supposedly finally integrates Smartphone and PPC OS's. Just like WM5 was hyped to do.

ps. I'm not anti-MS It's just this "push email" thing that really gets to me.


Telecom may finally start catching up

Motorola Q, Windows Mobile 5.0 phone edition to be released in US.

It’s going to be CDMA and EV-DO, which I assume means Telecom NZ is going to start reselling these as competition to the HP6515, which looks very similar but has GPS.

Ok so they both look like Blackberrys, so what! At least they aren’t going to have to fork over arse loads of cash or stop offering push email capability:

OK OK so the Microsoft platform isn’t able to push email YET anyway:

Yeah yeah even when it is released and functional it wont actually be push email:

Man that’s interesting the end of this post has absolutely nothing to do with the subject. Oh well, I’ll have to think ahead a bit next time. Or just stop ranting. Or even just hit the freakin send button (as this post was supposed to be a test for email posting, I wonder If I can HTML format my links when posting email?).

Now you can subscribe

xml icon Now with atom goodness... mmm atom.

First Post

Ok finally got around to creating a blog.

I wonder what will happen....

It's title is "inside bennie" which is a pun (or play on words) hehe.

Probably lots of mobile tech stuff, as well as various rants and raves.